Are you bi-gender? Share your experience!


It’s pretty rare that I run across another bi-gender person, and so far that’s only ever been online. I have yet to see another bi-gender person face to face. In case I didn’t already feel like a huge oddity, there was a great reminder.

If gender is a spectrum (as the research they talk about in this article suggests, for instance) instead of two or more completely separate things, then being bi-gender isn’t rare at all. Still, there aren’t many people stepping forward to talk about it, and it’s not well known. I’m trying to change that!

If you identity as bi-gender*, please consider devoting ten minutes to answering my survey about your bi-gender experience. The results will be completely anonymous, and you can sign up at the end to get a copy of them:

Know a method of getting in touch with groups that include some bi-gender people? I’d be grateful if you forwarded the link, or let me know about them so that I can get in touch. Thank you!

* Identifying as bi-gender means that regardless of what you may look like or what other people may say or think, you feel that you are two different genders (usually male and female, but they could be, say, female and other). You might shift back and forth between genders or experience them at the same time or move back and forth in one direction or another. Only you can say definitely what your gender identity is.