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Bi-Gender and Nonbinary Websites forums
(Not affiliated with the site) A unique resource, an online discussion group for bi-gender people. The site uses an older forum system and is not very advanced, but it has a wealth of past bi-gender discussion and a very small but steadfast community.

The home page is a now-dormant Journals project with relatively old information, and its login is separate from the forum’s, so I recommend going directly to the forum page.

Bi-Gender Books, Articles, etc.

Bi-Gender: A Candid Nonbinary Memoir
My book chronicling the first six months from when I stumbled across the term “bi-gender” and it all clicked into place, available for Kindle and in paperback on Amazon. More information on the book’s page here.


TRANSlation “Bigender” episode on PlayerFM
A 37-minute discussion of bi-gender as a gender identity.

Invisibilia “Bigender” episode on Radiolab
Despite this being the most substantial coverage out there on a bi-gender person, I’m not sure I can recommend this. They spoke with only one bi-gender person for this episode, and that person later had medical assistance with a hormonal imbalance, after which she came to the conclusion that she was a queer trans woman. While identifying as bi-gender, she found herself flipping back and forth between gender identities without any warning or control. Because of the prominence of her situation, some academics have taken this as a typical description of a bi-gender experience, which is unfortunate, because some of us have partial control, some of us have near-full control, some of us live on a spectrum between male and female instead of shifting, and some of us have a second gender that isn’t male or female at all. I’ve spoken with dozens of bi-gender people so far, and none have described having the same experience as Paige, the subject of the Invisibilia piece.

To be clear, Paige did identify as bi-gender, and I don’t think for a moment that being bi-gender means having to pledge that you will always be bi-gender. It’s just that her experience is such an edge case, it doesn’t seem to shed much light on our unusual gender identity.

Here’s a link to a brief follow-up on that broadcast.